Zert RM

Zert RM

Zert RM is a web-based program, which collects your risk management in one and the same place. The program will make it simple to identify, evaluate and communicate the risks in your organization. As Zert RM is built up on modules, you may easily adapt it to your demands.

Seize control of your risks

Risk management is basically about predicting things that may go wrong and making sure that things that have gone wrong do not occur again. In Zert RM you will handle everything from reporting of incidents to advanced technical risk analyses. From there you may easily assess risks on the same set of values and communicate them to anyone you would like to receive them.

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Make risks visible

Zert RM will make it easy to get a quick overview of risks. As the risk analysis is finished, you will see the results in the Graphics.

Zert RM will keep control of everything for you. The program will remind you when things must be finished, will delegate duties to your staff automatically and will summarize everything through a simple press of a button.


24 February 2016


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