Zert CLM

Zert CLM

Zert CLM contains everything you need in order to create, collect, maintain and publish multilingual technical documentation and after-market material. The program is powerful, user-friendly and easy to adapt to your demands.


Cooperate in an intuitive author environment

CLM can offer an intuitive author environment, which makes cooperation easy. You and your colleagues may also re-use phrases, images, tables and lists in order to save time.

The user-interface makes getting started with CLM easy. The system will all the time assist in spelling and terminology and make sure that you are following the guidelines that your company has defined.

CLM eliminates time-consuming duties like formatting and layout. In this way you will get more time to create the content itself.

Publish to all formats

Through the CLM format, layout and style sheets you may easily publish the same content to all formats. No matter what content you choose to publish, it will automatically be converted in order to fit the out format.

clm 3d screen

Producing a spare parts catalogue for web sales

As you probably know after-market activities are becoming more and more important for manufacturers. It plays a greater and greater part for turnover and profitability.

With CLM you will handle the after-market all the way. Produce a spare parts catalogue, publish it to various out formats and invite customers to a web catalogue, where they will be able to navigate around in their machines and place orders.


23 September 2016


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