Zert RMp

Zert RMp

Zert Risk Management in Projects is a web-based program for requirements management,  which will put you as project manager in full control throughout the whole project. Zert RMp will also give you planning, process and quality management support with a focus on legislative standards as well as corporate requirements.

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Seize control of all the details

Zert RMp will give you a quick visual overview of the status of your project. In that way you will always be in control, also of the details.

You will see – in real-time – if things are planned, ongoing or finished. With a press of a button you may e.g. see what requirements are applicable and what documentation will be needed. The same view also allows you to see the status of these requirements.

As a supplier uploads a document on Zert RMp, the person in charge of auditing documents will receive information on this, so that the auditing process may start immediately.

Export and hand over information in a project more smoothly

In large projects it may be difficult to take care of all the documents in a smooth way. Therefore Zert RMp will allow you to compile the full documentation of the project and its status with a press of a button. You may then hand it over easily to your recipient.

You may export both to other systems and to other file structures thanks to customer adapted style sheets. You may also export the information to the Zert RM web service, thus enabling the line simply to go on using the material.

The information that you export is always the current one. With the help of automatically generated snag lists it will be easy to inform all involved on what remains to be done.

Handle all the details of your legislative requirements automatically

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By looking at the project in a matrix structure, project stakeholders and project managers will get an overview of how everything is running, without having to go through all the details. Each part-project will be seen in separate columns, and on a row level all the disciplines may be seen. The bars will show a summary of what requirements and documentations demands are planned, ongoing or finished.


24 February 2016


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